Les Rita Mitsouko

1990: Virgin France 7 86906 2

  1. Hip Kit
  2. Nuit d’ivresse
  3. Le petit train
  4. Tongue Dance
  5. Andy Bassapella
  6. Don’t Forget the Nite
  7. C’est comme ça
  8. Andy Live
  9. Marcia baïla
  10. Jalousie
  11. Singing in the Shower

I think this was the second Les Rita Mitsouko album I ever heard, after Système D, and I thought it had an interesting logical place in the evolution of their sound as I was understanding it. This however kinda ruined my introduction to Marc & Robert later, making it sound a bit unfinished or unpolished by comparison. On the other hand, these mixes generally run a little long without much inspiration sustaining the full length.