The Eye [EP]

Les Rita Mitsouko

2007: Because/Six Sarl BEC5772262

  1. White Falcon
  2. The Eye
  3. Eleganto
  4. Got an Egg
  5. Terminal Beauté [version FR]
  6. Ding Dang Dong (Rolling on the Floor) [version UK]

The first four tracks didn’t make it onto either edition of Variéty, and in the case of the first three I’m astonished that they didn’t: these are great LRM tracks! “Got an Egg,” however…eludes me. (Well, actually, my initial reaction of “what the FUCK??” remains mostly unchanged.) (Tracks 5 and 6 already appeared on the English edition of Variéty.) Obviously they’re part of their push to expand their performance repertoire across language barriers—“White Falcon, ” “The Eye,” and “Got an Egg” are in English (mostly), while the delicious wave-riding “Eleganto” is in French—and Ringer’s English pronunciation’s good enough to allow me to reflect more on the lyrics than on the performance.

Adieu, Fred, and thanks for all the strangeness…; Catherine, I look forward to what more you have to tell us about the world you see.