The Manhattan Transfer

1987: Atlantic 81803-2

  1. Soul Food to Go / Sina
  2. The Zoo Blues / Asa
  3. So You Say / Esquinas
  4. Capim / Capim
  5. Metropolis / Arlequim Desconhecido
  6. Hear the Voices / Bahia De Todas As Contas
  7. Agua / Agua
  8. The Jungle Pioneer / Viola Violar
  9. Notes from the Underground / Antes Que Seja Tarde

Until I can think of something better to say than Richard S Ginell’s assessment of this album, I suggest you read what he has to say about it. I do very much enjoy most of Brasil, probably for the reasons Ginell addresses, but my particular impressions won’t really bump his observations out of the picture. He got it right, as did they.

If anything, I should mention “Notes from the Underground,” which is both topical and enticingly arranged. I’m not a serious follower of the MT, but from what I’ve heard this is one of Alan Paul’s rare showcasings, and it’s impressive as well as effective. As an album closer it’s even more poignant.