Folkmusic from Eastern Europe

Folkmusic Group “Maros”

1990: Delta Music Inc 15 283

  1. Piros Kancso, Piros Bor
  2. Szomszed Asszony Hallja-E, Hallja-E?
  3. Csillagok, Csillagok
  4. Harom Magyar Nepdal
  5. Udvarhelyi Nepdalok
  6. Csango Asszonyok Mulato Notaja
  7. Harom Csango Nepdal
  8. A Citrusfa Levelestöl Agastol
  9. Repülj Madar
  10. Szepen Szol A Kereszturi
  11. Harom Magyar Nepdal
  12. Egy Szem Buza, Egy Szem Rosz

Magyar (the Hungarian language) fascinates me. I bought this CD and a few others from the region around six years ago in hopes of finding a way to familiarize myself with the sound of the language, but it was futile.The net result of my attempts to study the language is that I can say “one raspberry.” Magyar remains as bewilderingly inaccessible to me; it might as well be Martian.