Looking for Trouble

Ellen McIlwaine

1987/1993 Stony Plain Records SPCD 1110

  1. In D Street (I Am Discreet)
  2. Looking for Trouble
  3. All to You
  4. Beg for the Reason
  5. Don’t Look Down
  6. Save the World
  7. Woodo Woodoo (Jamin’s Australian Song)
  8. Can’t Find My Way Home
  9. Lean on Me

I heard “Don’t Look Down” on Seattle’s short-lived wonderful radio station KEZX around 1990 and was hooked. Spent years trying to locate the album, first finding it on vinyl and then on CD. Her startling cover of Steve Winwood’s “Can’t Find My Way Home” was the big surprise on the album, for me, though “All to You” and “Beg for the Reason” really grew on me quickly.