Armenian Stars Remix

2007: Parseghian records

  1. Jeiran Bala

    Arman Hovhanissyan

  2. Heru Heru

    Nune Yesayan

  3. Inchou

    Armenchik & Christine Pepelyan

  4. Heranal

    Ara Martirosyan

  5. 4 Koghme Lusavor E

    Srbuhi Kekedjian

  6. Kam Kam


  7. Mashnes U Yes

    Hay Tgheq

  8. Shirkhani

    Aida Sarkisyan

  9. Ko Anne

    Arsen Safaryan

  10. Kez Hamar

    Christine Pepelyan

  11. Loksha

    Hay Tgheq

  12. Tamzara

    Inga & Anush Arshakyan

The tracklist on the actual CD case is amazingly rife with typos, so I culled the above listing from Parseghian’s website. I tracked this CD down after hearing the first track, a remix by Hayko of Arman Hovhanissyan’s “Jeyran Bala” (spelled differently here), which I had heard a number of times on a couple of Armenian streaming-audio radio stations I listened to in 2011; the remix doesn’t have much of the original’s tone, but it compresses the vocal into a catchy and bouncy thumper of a track and adds a kaleidoscopic touch to the ends of the choruses which I quite like.

Unfortunately much of the rest of the CD isn’t as interesting, and I deleted a few tracks outright upon ripping a copy to my computer.