Mud Will be Flung Tonight!

Bette Midler

1985: Atlantic 81291-2

  1. Taking Aim
  2. Fit or Fat / “Fat as I Am”
  3. Marriage, Movies, Madonna, and Mick
  4. Vickie Eydie / “I’m Singing Broadway”
  5. Coping
  6. The Unfettered Boob
  7. “Otto Titsling”
  8. Why Bother
  9. Soph

This CD would be on my Desert Island Discs list except that I know it so well that I can recite most of it from memory (as many friends and acquaintances over the years would grimly attest). It’s as bad as AbFab in its ability to leech onto my vocabulary and make certain phrases or even words impossible to say without giggling or launching into a quotefest. “Why bother?” comes to mind, in particular.

Probably my favorite pair of jokes—and it’s not easy to single any out because most of them are so damned funny— are the ones about how she tried to find “a drug that had my name on it, really, I thought I could find one—I searched high, I searched low, I tried designer drugs. After all that, you know how depressing it is to find out your drug is Mydol? Once I—once I mixed Mydol with Speed; I had my period six times in one day. But I had to give up Speed: I’d started to understand what Charo was saying.”