Bulgarian Custom Songs

The Mystery of Bulgarian Voices Choir
Dora Hristova conducting

1993: Gega New GD 147

  1. First Song on the Road *
  2. Second Song on the Road *
  3. Tebe poemWe Sing a Song for You

    for the old host

  4. Ai, nazdraveCheers *

    for the old hostess

  5. Nazdrave ti, chorbadjiioCheers to You, Master of the House *

    for the young hostess

  6. Houbava MilkaBeautiful Milka *

    for a little girl

  7. Tebe poemWe Sing a Song for You *

    for a shepherd

  8. Pohvali saA Girl Bragged

    for an unmarried young woman

  9. Tsarsko momche kon sedlaeA Mighty Boy Is Saddling His Horse

    for a little boy

  10. Protekla e mutna vodaTurbid Waters Were Flowing

    for an unmarried young man

  11. Song on Going Out of the House
  12. Oh, Lazar

    on the road

  13. Lazarski Bouenets *

    on entering the house

  14. Lazar ide, Lazar shetaLazar Is Coming, Lazar Is Roaming About

    for the old hostess

  15. Vurba ima, vurba nyamaThere’s a Willow, There’s No Willow *

    for a young bride

  16. Lazarska Song for the Bride

    for the young hostess

  17. Lazarki *

    for a young girl

  18. Moma houbavaBeautiful Girl *

    for an unmarried young woman

  19. Malki momi lazaritsiYoung Girls Lazaritsi

    for a young lad

  20. Mur shto sme se razigraliWell, Aren’t We Dancing *

    for a young lad

  21. Levent Nikola edin na mamaStrapping Nikola, Mother’s Only Son

    for an unmarried young man

  22. Zhalba za LazaraLament for Lazar *

Tracks flagged above with a red asterisk were also later released on the 1994 Le Mystère des Voix Bulgares album Ritual.