A Feel Good

Mouss et Hakim

2019 (other details unknown!)

This was a serendipitous beaut that appeared on my radar in early 2019; I was probably looking to see what les frères Amokranes had been up to (if anything) since they moved on from Zebda and released their one album in 2005. And what did I find? This awesomely catchy and fun track, via its video on YouTube, full of zest and attitude (although I still need to sort out what the lyrics are, my French being woefully out of shape these days and utterly incapable of following les frères at full clip, but at least they’re not rapping this time). Whatever its role in the film “I Feel Good” (and what I’ve caught from initial hearings suggests there’s a little con-man pitch involved), this track is just delightful to the ear.

It’s also technically not a CD, therefore not supposed to be on this list, but I’m bending the rule a little to include it just so that somebody out there might learn of it and get to explore and rejoice in it. I hope the video is still on YouTube when you read this, because it makes the track even more enjoyable to get to see the brothers singing it, which gives additional and helpful body to their voices.