Mouss et Hakim ou le contraire

Mouss et Hakim

2005: Corida/Atmospheriques 3129702

  1. Alif Ba ta Tsa
  2. Néandertal
  3. Le Hak et le Mouss
  4. Rodéo
  5. Mina
  6. Volcan
  7. Bottes de banlieu
  8. La position assise
  9. La bouche
  10. Autan
  11. Tant de fêtes

Whaddya know, les frères Amokranes released an album outside of the Zebda world, beyond Motivés! Surprisingly, and refreshingly, it’s not just a continuation of the Zebda sound—although the brothers are still singing in unison for the most part it’s in octave-separated unison, which does add a new tone to their sound. The end of “Bottes de banlieu,” heard on Bordeaux’s Radio Blagon, was enough to compel me to order a copy from FNAC; unfortunately, the radio version is different from the album version!