Music of Islām

Produced by David Parsons

1998: Celestial Harmonies 19907-2

  • Volume One: Al-Qāhirah—Classical Music of Cairo
  • Volume Two: Music of the South Sinai Bedouins
  • Volume Three: Music of the Nubians
  • Volume Four: Music of the Arabian Peninsula
  • Volume Five: ’Aīssāoua Şūfī Ceremony

    (2 CDs)

  • Volume Six: Al-Maghrib, Gnāwa Music
  • Volume Seven: Al-Andalūs—Andalusian Music
  • Volume Eight: Folkloric Music of Tunisia
  • Volume Nine: Mawlawiyah Music of the Whirling Dervishes
  • Volume Ten: Qur’ān Recitation
  • Volume Eleven: Music of Yemen
  • Volume Twelve: Music of Iran
  • Volume Thirteen: Music of Pakistan
  • Volume Fourteen: Mystic Music through the Ages
  • Volume Fifteen: Muslim Music of Indonesia: Aceh and West Sumatra

    (2 CDs)

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