1. Piya Tose
  2. Piya Tu Ab To Aaja
  3. Aaj Ki Raat
  4. Aaj Madhosh Hua Jaye Re
  5. Thandi Hawaon Ne
  6. Aaj Ki Junli Raat Ma
  7. Kai Hai Re Hamne Kasam
  8. Hounton Mein Esi Baat
  9. Dil Pukare
  10. Aradhana / Treasure of Your Eyes

I don’t have strong feelings about much of this CD—I do like it, however—but the closing track, “Aradhana,” I do find I connect with for its very nice “crossover” nature: we get a mix of Indian and British/“Western” idioms with a gorgeous and un-Western lyric in English delivered not by Najma herself but by one of her musicians (is this a Chandra/Coe arrangement?). As for the album’s intended purpose as a tribute to the film music of S D Burman, I’ve not encountered any the films in question, not being much of a fan of Indian films (every time I’ve looked at one it seemed to be generic Bollywood or unapproachably pedantic Satayaghra kind of stuff), so I really have no relevant comment.