Imaginary Motion

Natural Life Essence


  1. Long Bridge

I bought this track after hearing it a few times on the streaming Internet radio station Hirschmilch Chillout and realizing that I really was getting into its eventually-arrived-at groove (reached around 6:30 in this 11:47-long track). Finding out that I could purchase a copy for just $1 certainly convinced me to take the plunge and formally add it to my library.

Its lengthy gestation holds some lovely ambient churning and occasional patterning—both things I enjoy—but when it reaches its groove its mood evocations are more compellingly palpable as well as applicable to various readings depending upon the listener’s context and outlook. Personally I heard in the groove a plodding, downtrodden but hopeful persistence as the minor tonic was steadily punctuated by alternating major chords. But then I suspect that’s in part a reading-into of task ahead of me to survive four years of Trump and Pence’s every-day-another-horror shitshow.

The random flickering/fluttering ambient sounds present in the first and last thirds of the track almost annoy me but eventually have come to find a sort of role I can live with, probably because of the album’s cover photo of a hummingbird…I can let the sounds be nature’s random filler in contrast to the deliberate and slow construction of the music.