Secrets of the Alibi

The Northern Pikes

1988: Virgin 2-90974

  1. Place That’s Insane
  2. Walk Away
  3. Wait for Me
  4. One Good Reason
  5. Blood She Wants
  6. Let’s Pretend
  7. Better Twice
  8. Hopes Go Astray
  9. Stars in the Sky
  10. Hole in the Ground
  11. One Good Reason [Bonus Extended Mix]

Overwrought, chewy vocals and a truly ghastly hairstyling job for the cover photo mar this album so much that it’s hard to hear the songwriting and musicianship under it all. I had “Blood She Wants” on my wishlist for years, since hearing it on Seattle’s short-lived KEZX 98.9 around 1990, and only managed to acquire a copy of this CD in 2007; the song’s still a treat, but it’s going to take me some serious time to process the rest of the album.