Northwest Folklife: Live from the 2009 Festival

various artists

2009: Northwest Folklife NWFL-CD-2501

  1. Hello Stranger

    Armstrong Lawton Katz

  2. You Only Believe Me when I’m Lying

    Zoe Muth

  3. Pigeon on the Gate
    Lafferty’s Reel
    The Morning Dew

    Kevin Burke & Cal Scott

  4. How Can a Poor Man Stand Such Times and Live?


  5. Tri Martelots


  6. Amari Szi

    Underscore Orkestra

  7. Galloping Horses

    Li bo

  8. The Boys of Malin
    Ballivanich Reel
    The Fourth Floor

    Rebecca Lomnicky

  9. Woman on the Hill

    Colin Lake and Wellbottom

  10. The Wind (Dead Soldiers)

    Amateur Radio Operator

  11. There Comes a Time

    Trolls Cottage

  12. Feel the Spirit

    Clinton Fearon & The Boogie Brown Band

  13. Akita
    Hey Kate


Not only is it a good collection of good artists’ performances, but I designed the packaging! My first-ever commercially produced CD.