Northwest Folklife: Live from the 2010 Festival

various artists

2010: Northwest Folklife NWFL-CD-2502

  1. Zebula


  2. Geordie

    Colleen Raney

  3. Shanghai Passage

    William Pint & Felicia Dale

  4. El Buscapies

    Los FlacosLos Flacos

  5. Tserjih Tsomo

    Karsangjamtso “Karjam” Saeji

  6. Oh Take Me Back

    Cliff Perry & Laurel Bliss

  7. Ej, Zito Zele

    Dunava featuring Dave & the Dalmatians

  8. Caroline

    Noah Gundersen & the Courage

  9. Wild Bill Jones

    Parlour Hoppers

  10. Follow the River

    Nettle Honey

  11. Blondes Do Not Turn Me On


  12. Ma Femme M’a Quitte

    Captain Leroy & the Zydeco Locals

  13. Prospector Joe

    The Raggedy Anns

  14. Sirens

    Grand Hallway