The Best of Ohio Players
(The Millennium Collection

Ohio Players

2000: Mercury Records 314 542 268-2

  1. Love Rollercoaster
  2. I Want To Be Free
  3. Fopp
  4. Let’s Do It (interpolated with “Let’s Love”)
  5. Skin Tight
  6. Fire
  7. Sweet Sticky Thing
  8. Jive Turkey
  9. Who’d She Coo
  10. Heaven Must Be Like This
  11. O-H-I-O
  12. Happy Holidays Pt. 1

Ooohhhhhhhmygod is there a lot of baaaad stuff on this album. I’ve never considered myself a fan of Ohio Players, although of course like most young adolescent boys in the mid-1970s I was acutely aware of their salacious album cover photography—I have this CD only for the wonderfully grinding numbers “Love Rollercoaster” and “Who’d She Coo.”