Skeletons in the Closet

Oingo Boingo

1989: A&M Records CD 5217 DX 003765

  1. Little Girls
  2. Private Life [edited version]
  3. On the Outside
  4. Nasty Habits
  5. Grey Matter
  6. Only a Lad
  7. Wake Up (I’s 1984)
  8. Insects
  9. Whole Day Off
  10. Nothing To Fear (But Fear Itself)
  11. Nothing Bad Ever Happens
  12. Who Do You Want To Be

Although I bought this specifically for “Nothing Bad Ever Happens,” which I’ve admired for years, I did so knowing the bulk of the rest of the CD’s contents because a roommate or two had it in the 1990s. Danny Elfman of course sounds a little, uh, shall we say too consistently like that from one track to the next, so I don’t enjoy listening to many songs from in it in succession; for me Oingo Boingo is best taken on a single-dosage basis.