Music For an Awful Lot Of Winds & Percussion

P.D.Q. Bach
The Turtle Mountain Naval Base Tactical Wind Ensemble

1992: Telarc CD-80307

  1. Introduction

    Grand Serenade for an Awful Lot of Winds & Percussion (S. 1000)

  2. I.   Grand Entrance
  3. II.   Simply Grand Minuet
  4. III.   Romance in the Grand Manner
  5. IV.   Rondo Mucho Grando

    “Dutch” Suite (S. -16)

  6. Introduction
  7. I.   Mr Minuit’s MInuet
  8. II.   Panther Dance
  9. III.   Dance of the Grand Dams
  10. IV.   The Lowland Fling

    Six Contrary Dances (S. 39)

  11. Introduction
  12. I.   Maestoso animoso
  13. II.   Daintissimo
  14. III.   Allegro, but not too mucho
  15. IV.   Molto moderato
  16. V.   Vivace cucarace
  17. VI.   Moving right alongo

    Lip My Reeds (S. 32')

  18. Introduction
  19. Lip My Reeds
  20. Door Prize Scene
    Fanfare for Fred

    March of the Cute Little Wood Sprites (S. Onesy Twosy)

  21. Introduction
  22. March of the Cute Little Wood Sprites

    Last Tango in Bayreuth

  23. Introduction
  24. Last Tango in Bayreuth
  25. Closing