Alive in Prague!

The Percolators

2004 Yodel-Ay-Hee 058

  1. Stay All Night
  2. Lady of the Lake #1
  3. Reel St Joseph
    Reel Montreal
  4. Big Footin’ Bill
  5. Wooden Nickel
  6. Reel Ti-Mi
    Hommage à Edmond Pariso
  7. Tom and Jerry
  8. Cowboy’s Dream
  9. Père Dorion
    Pays de Haut
  10. Lady of the Lake #2
  11. Kansis City Reel
  12. Martha’s Waltz
  13. bonus track: excerpts of The Percolators Live on Czech Country Radio:

Recommended to me by my friend Lucy Peckham, who recommended them to me after teching for them and being impressed.