La Bande Originale du Film

1995: Nova Productions 7243 8 40402 2 2

  1. Belle Bombe du Sexe


  2. Ray Max

    Loic Dury

  3. Alcaline


  4. Real Pigalle

    Marie Lyn

  5. Black Tie

    E Gemsa

  6. A Muey A Muey

    Aisha Kandisha’s Jarring Effects

  7. Cariño Malo

    Palmenia Pizarro

  8. Limousine Express


  9. Y’a d’la Haine

    Les Rita Mitsouko

  10. Vera Trance


  11. Soul Magic


  12. Jus’ Reach


  13. Stand Up

    Loleatta Holloway

  14. Paris le Soir


  15. Modern Baleine

    Les Rita Mitsouko

I found this soundtrack at the downtown Seattle Borders, if I recall correctly, although it was probably in a French Music bin rather than the Soundtrack one, or so I assume now because I rarely look in Soundtracks unless I have a specific title in mind and simply block out everything else until I find it. Definitely this was a serendipitous discovery for me, however, as it was my introduction to Les Rita Mitsouko (who have two tracks on this CD, both from their Système D).

Other than those two tracks, my fave on this album is “Stand Up,” which despite being credited to Loleatta Holloway is clearly an unacknowledged remixer’s product based on her single “Dreamin’” (and plenty fun, too, but then so is the original).

As for the film itself, well, it’s not on my Top Ten list. I did get around to watching it many years after acquiring the soundtrack, and afterwards I decided it was just too bleak and predictable (drag scene undercut by mafiosa dealing, the queen gets killed and everybody suffers if a bit less).