Original Cast Album

1972: Motown 0501

  1. Magic to Do
  2. Corner of the Sky
  3. War Is a Science
  4. Glory
  5. Simple Joys
  6. No Time at All
  7. With You
  8. Spread a Little Sunshine
  9. Morning Glow
  10. On the Right Track
  11. Kind of Woman
  12. Extraordinary
  13. Love Song
  14. I Guess I’ll Miss the Man
  15. Finale

“Love Song” is extraordinarily intimate and sadly touching, a song I can’t listen to without first preparing myself and establishing the zones of reaction…while it’s a gently playful celebration of all the silly trappings of new love, on most levels, musically it has a depth that touches on profound sadness, especially at the end. Love as a flicker of candle flame amid much darkness….

And then there’s “Spread a Little Sunshine,” at the other end of the spectrum, a piece of brilliantly cheerful cynicism—Fastrada singing what on the surface is positive but in truth is pretty nasty. The core of this song is perhaps captured best in its phrase &147;think before we strike&148;—it’s in no way saying “be nice,” rather saying “think first, so you’re more effective when you do strike.” This recording of the song is functional but rather tepid; check out Chita Rivera’s balls-to-the-wall delivery of it on YouTube for a much better embodiment on all levels.