Tiger, My Friend


2004: Leaf BAY41CD

  1. Northdown Flat B1
  2. Rear Moth
  3. Leaving in Coffins
  4. Calm Down
  5. Velvet Pony
  6. About Fun
  7. Curuncula
  8. King Kong
  9. The Counter
  10. Chapter
  11. Tiger, My Friend

A scrumptious treat courtesy of Paris’s still-enlightening Radio Nova (101.5 FM) in January 2008, “Rear Moth” was so compelling that I ordered a copy of the CD immediately (and, after I received it and had played it a dozen times, went out and bought the copy of Psapp’s Hi at the nearest music store that night). It’s a lovely intertwining of playful and celestial elements. I wouldn’t tire of a 20-minute version of the title track as long as it featured those gorgeous swaying vocal harmonies and gently bumptious rhythm, and “Rear Moth” continues to delight me.