The Best of Tito Puente & His Orchestra, Volume 1

Tito Puente

1992: RCA 3369-2-RL

  1. Cuban Nightmare
  2. Four Beat Cha Cha
  3. Donde Estabas Tu
  4. Swingin’ the Mambo
  5. Cao Cao Maní Picao
  6. Mambo Beat
  7. A Gozar Timbero
  8. El Cayuco
  9. Mambo Gozón
  10. Sepárala También
  11. Que Será Mi China
  12. Picadillo

Of course I’d heard Tito Puente’s work before I bought this CD—it’s almost impossible to not have heard SOMETHING of his, with over 100 albums issued—but it was “Mambo Gozón” which finally hooked me. I first heard it at the Canterbury (on top of Capitol Hill in Seattle), where the waitress was alleviating the boredom of a slow night by playing it a few times in a row on the jukebox.