Maurice Ravel: Bolero

Boston Symphony Orchestra
Seiji Ozama conducting

1974/1975/1985: Deutsche Grammophon 415 845-2

  1. Bolero

    Tempo di Bolero moderato assai

  2. Une Barque su l’Océan

    Très souple de rythme

  3. Menuet Antique


  4. Alborada del Gracioso

    Assez vif — Plus lent — Au mouvement

  5. Pavane pour une Infante Défunte

    (Charles Kavaloski, horn)

  6. La Valse   Poème chorégraphique

    Mouvement de Valse viennoise — Un peu plus modéré — 1er mouvement — Assez animé

For the record, I’m firmly in the camp of “Boléro” lovers. But “La Valse&148; blows me away—not just as a musical composition, one I had to obtain a copy of the score for so I could indulge in its every troweled-on or flitting-by orchestral aspect, but also as a masterpiece of art as astonishingly rich historical commentary on the implosion of a sociocultural world…improbably but brilliantly executed via the medium of music.