Music in the Great Hall: Instrumental music from the ancient Celtic lands

Maggie Sanson, Sue Richards, Bonnie Rideout, & Ensemble Galilei

1992: Maggie’s Music MMCD107

  1. Moirrey Ny Cainle
    Sir Watkins Jig
  2. Fingal’s March
    The Halting March
  3. The Pretty Girl Milking the Cows
  4. Songs from a Scottish Childhood
  5. Captain O’Kane
    The Clergy’s Lamentation
  6. Boys of the Lough
    Drowsy Maggie
  7. Planxty Drew
    Mabel Kelly
    John O’Connor
  8. Gosteg Dafydd Anthro
    Caniad Marwn ad Ifan Ab Y Go
  9. The Reaper of Glanree
  10. Gin Ye Kiss My Wife, I’ll Tell the Minister
  11. The Galician Waltz
    Breton Waltzes
  12. Miss Patterson
    McDonald’s March
    McKinnon’s Brook
  13. Shooyl Inneenyn
    Illiam Y Thalhear
    Flitter Dance