Too Much Pressure

The Selecter

1980/2001: Captain Mod MODSKA CD17

  1. Three Minute Hero
  2. Everyday
  3. They Make Me Mad
  4. Missing Words
  5. Danger
  6. Street Feeling
  7. My Collie (Not a Dog)
  8. Too Much Pressure
  9. Murder
  10. Out On the Streets
  11. Carry Go Bring Come
  12. Black and Blue
  13. James Bond
  14. The Selecter
  15. On My Radio
  16. Too Much Pressure [Single Version]

Pauline Black’s voice here sounds like the midpoint of the spectrum between Grace Jones and Dale Bozzio, especially on “On My Radio” (which was my introduction to The Selecter a mere 25 years after that oddball ska hit was a hit (in the U.K.)). That’s not at all a negative comment, especially considering that this vocal sound of hers predated those of both post-Disco-era Jones and Missing-Persons-era Bozzio…I just mention by way of description, not judgement.