Serendipity/The Many Sides of the Serendipity Singers

The Serendipity Singers

1999: PolyGram/Collectables COL-CD-2728

  1. Waggoner Lad
  2. Don’t Let the Rain Come Down (Crooked Little Man)
  3. Sunshine Special
  4. Mud (Hippopotamus Song)
  5. Freedom’s Star
  6. Sailing Away
  7. Sing Out
  8. Jimmy-O
  9. Sinner Man
  10. Cloudy, Summer Afternoon
  11. Boots and Stetsons (The Lilies Grow High)
  12. Goin’ Home
  13. Let Me Fly
  14. Beans in My Ears
  15. Soon It’s Gonna Rain
  16. Mill Girls Don’t Sing or Dance
  17. Look Away Over Yondro
  18. The New Frankie and Johnny Song
  19. You Don’t Know
  20. Down Where the Winds Blow
  21. Movin’ in My Heart
  22. Six Foot Six
  23. Hi-Lili-Hi-Lo
  24. Fast Freight

I grew up with Serendipity and Take Your Shoes Off but not the middle album from this group, and I really do wish all three were available on CD now. This is a handy combination of their first two albums, but because it doesn’t contain the third album’s title track and its closing track of “Rider” (of all things) I can’t quite rate this as highly as I’d like to. Still, if you ever heard their music when you were young you will probably like this very much. With the outstandingly annoying exception of “Beans In Our Ears,” that is…all the other tracks are at least interesting if not great, and the great ones are so very lovely: examples of the latter are “Sailing Away, “Sunshine Special,” “Fast Freight,” “Waggoner Lad,” and a few others.