“Sissy Man Blues”—25 Authentic Straight & Gay Blues & Jazz Vocals


  1. Sissy Man Blues

    Connie McLean’s Rhythm Boys (April 1936)

  2. Garbage Man (The Call of the Freaks)

    The Harlem Hamfats (April 1936)

  3. It’s Tight Like That

    Tampa Red’s Hokum Jug Band (November 1928)

  4. Prove It on Me Blues

    Ma Rainey and her tub jug washboard band (November 1928)

  5. The Boy in the Boat

    George Hannah & Meade Lux Lewis (October 1931)

  6. Freakish Man Blues

    George Hannah & Meade Lux Lewis (October 1930)

  7. B.D. Woman’s Blues

    Bessie Jackson (March 1935)

  8. Dirty Dozens

    Speckled Red (September 1929)

  9. Ain’t That a Mess?

    Al Miller and his Swing Stompers (February 1936)

  10. Fairey Blues

    Peg Leg Howell (April 1928)

  11. Freakish Rider Blues

    Bert “Snake Root” Hatton (April 1927)

  12. Toothache Blues

    Victoria Spivey and Lonnie Johnson (1928)

  13. Anybody Here Want To Try My Cabbage?

    Maggie Jones, Louis Armstrong, & Fletcher Henderson (1924)

  14. Take Your Hand Off It

    Lil Johnson (1937)

  15. I’m Gonna Keep My Hair Parted

    Washboard Sam and his Washboard Band (1938)

  16. I’m a Mighty Tight Woman

    Sippie Wallace (1926)

  17. Gas Man Blues

    Mae Glover & John Bird (1929)

  18. Black Snake Blues

    Victoria Spivey (1926)

  19. I Got What It Takes

    Blanche Calloway and her Joy Boys (1931)

  20. Somebody’s Been Usin’ That Thing

    The Hokum Boys: Ikey Robinson & Jimmy Blythe (1930)

  21. Shave ’Em Dry

    Papa Charle Jackson (1925)

  22. Two Old Maids in a Folding Bed

    Monette Moore and her Swing Shop Boys (1936)

  23. Rollin’ Mama Blues

    Ruby Glaze and Blind Willie McTell (1932)

  24. Windy City Blues

    Ruth Ladson and Three Shadows (1941)

  25. Sissy Man Blues

    “Pinewood Tom” [Josh White] & Walter Roland (1935)