The Best of Spike Jones

Spike Jones

1967/1992: BMG 53748-2

  1. Cocktails for Two

    Carl Crayson, vocal

  2. William Tell Overture

    commentary by Doodles Weaver

  3. Chloe

    Red Ingle, vocal

  4. My Old Flame

    Paul Judson, Paul Frees, vocals

  5. The Glow Worm

    Red Ingle, Aileen Carlisle with Chorus

  6. None But the Lonely Heart

    Helen Grayco, Spike Jones, vocals; Dick Gardner, Violin Solo

  7. Laura

    Jimmy Cassidy, Red Ingle, Dr Horatio Q Birdbath, vocals

  8. The Man on the Flying Trapeze

    Doodles Weaver, vocal

  9. You Always Hurt the One You Love

    Carl Grayson, Red Ingle, vocals

  10. Der Fuehrer’s Face

    Carl Grayson, vocal; Willie Spicer at the Birdaphone

  11. Dance of the Hours

    commentary by Doodles Weaver

  12. Hawaiian War Chant

    Wacky Wakakians with Chorus