The Sundays

1992: David Geffen Company DGCD 24479

  1. I Feel
  2. Goodbye
  3. Life & Soul
  4. More
  5. On Earth
  6. God Made Me
  7. Love
  8. What Do You Think?
  9. 24 Hours
  10. Blood on My Hands
  11. Medicine
  12. Wild Horses

Somehow I neglected until 2017 to record any thoughts about this album, which I’ve had probably since 1993, but I certainly don’t think that little of it in reality. It continues much of the half-dreamy, half-churning-rock style of their debut album, with some shifts and a little more power detectable behind the scenes. Only one track really grabs me, however: “What Do You Think?”—a treat for the ears indeed. “24 Hours,” which follows it, makes for a lovely interlude as a result.

I guess my issue with Blind overall is that I have a vague questioning sense as to whether or not any of these songs needed to be written.