A&M Classics—Volume 9


1987: A&M CD 2507/DX 862

  1. Goodbye Stranger
  2. The Logical Song
  3. Bloody Well Right
  4. Breakfast in America
  5. Rudy
  6. Take the Long Way Home
  7. Crime of the Century
  8. Dreamer
  9. Ain’t Nobody but Me
  10. Hide in Your Shell
  11. From Now On
  12. Give a Little Bit
  13. It’s Raining Again
  14. Cannonball

I’ve never quite made up my mind about Supertramp. On one hand, I remember hearing their stuff in the 1970s and thinking most of it was thin crap, but on the other hand I recognized some impressive beauty on tracks such as “Take the Long Way Home” and “Goodbye Stranger,” and the live version of “Dreamer” (which I heard on the radio more often than I heard the studio version) was quite exhilirating at times. I’ve compromised in getting this “hits” CD, allowing myself to take my time dipping into their work in a broader spectrum and to see how I feel about revisiting my earlier negative impressions.