Throwing Muses

1995: Sire 9 45796-2

  1. Bright Yellow Gun
  2. Start
  3. Hazing
  4. Shimmer
  5. Calm Down, Come Down
  6. Crabtown
  7. No Way in Hell
  8. Surf Cowboy
  9. That’s All You Wanted
  10. Teller
  11. University
  12. Snakeface
  13. Flood
  14. Fever Few

The first time I heard this CD was a night I was working late at Wizards of the Coast in Renton sometime in 1995. I don’t know which month exactly, but I do remember the fact that I was drawn by its sound that night—“No Way In Hell” was the track—and had to go ask the people in the Production department (layout & graphic design) what that excellent music was…. Sometime after that a coworker introduced me to Red Heaven and The Real Ramona, but at that time I was simply agog with the sound of University…especially “No Way In Hell” and “Teller.” And even now the last 40 seconds of “No Way In Hell” are both a delight and an emotive trigger to those heady days of all-night work sessions….

If Shaw hadn’t given me Red Heaven and The Real Ramona as a pair, I probably would never have had Red Heaven in my collection; it’s just not as good as anything else I have heard from Throwing Muses, though it has its moments. I do listen to it again and again to honor Shaw and to try to hear what he heard in it, but for the most part I find it too contrived for my ear.