The Best of Lily Tomlin (The Millennium Collection)

Lily Tomlin

2003: Polydor/UM B0000863-02

  1. Alexander Graham Bell
  2. Mr Veedle
  3. The Marriage Counselor
  4. The F.B.I.
    from This Is a Recording
  5. Hey Lady
  6. I Always Kiss Buster
  7. Lady Lady Open Up
  8. Do You Have Any Chewing Gum?
    from And That’s the Truth
  9. Suzie Sorority
  10. Dear Dr Dacey
  11. GRRR
    from Modern Scream

Merely a sampler of the mind-boggling range of character work Lily Tomlin did in the 1960s and early 1970s. Some of it’s understandably dated, but even so “Suzie Sorority” remains blindsidingly fast and hilarious, for example. I have had This Is a Recording and Modern Scream on vinyl for many years, and now that has released the former on CD (as of 2002) I have hopes of finally getting to hear a clean copy of, say, the confessions of Lucille the Rubber Freak (“’sokay, Lily, I can talk about it now.” “Uh, Lucille, do you have to?”).