“Would You…?”

Touch and Go

1998: V2 VVR5003083

  1. “Would You…?” Radio Edit
  2. “Would You…?” Trailermen Go to Rio Mix
  3. “Would You…?” Homewreckers Mix

Probably the most ferocious and frenzied remix I have ever heard, specifically the Trailermen Go to Rio mix. I first heard it on a mix tape compiled by a friend of a friend, while driving somewhere, and gasped “what IS that????” even before it had finished; eventually I hunted it down, first on vinyl and then on CD, and I would have to be faced with a firing squad before I’d part with a copy of it now. That remix has an exceptionally electric power supercharging it, and it is absolutely impossible to remain still while hearing it unless you’re literally paralyzed.

Ferocious. I haven’t actually been in a dance club when this has played, but I suspect the result would be akin to that of playing “Wanna Be Starting Something” two or three times in a row at 150% speed. This is the musical form of lightning. Marvelous work.