It’s a Triple Earth

1995: Triple Earth TRECD 114

  1. Campesina

    Juan Vicente Torrealba

  2. Chisanga Martin Swan “Mouth Music” mix

    Master Musicians of Tanzania

  3. Ghoom Charakhana Talvin Singh “Future Sound of India” mix

    Najma Akhtar

  4. Afrorockin’ Sanjeve & Sanjeev “Earth Tribe” mix

    Ray Carless

  5. Events in a Thai Bath House Chic Medley & Peter Ellon “Mother Superior” mix

    Ray Carless

  6. Tomorrow Whirlygig “Monkey Pilot Saracen” mix

    Mouth Music

  7. Yaz-Oh Fayyaz Virji “Threshold” mix

    Aster Aweke

  8. Westway

    Ronald Perrin

  9. A New Pair of Shoes

    Ned Sublette, Lawrence Weiner & The Persuasions

This is a treat—I’ll let its back cover notes explain:

So we asked them: “It’s our tenth anniversary. If we give you some tracks, will you mess with them?” And they did.

The recipe read “mix, match, and add some new.” Hukwe Zawose in a Mouth Music mix; Mouth Music with a Whirlygig mix; Aster Aweke through Fayyaz Virji; Najma through Talvin. People we’ve known over the year, artists we’ve signed, tracks we’ve recorded.

The story continues …