The Year of Living Dangerously

Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Original Music by Maurice Jarre

1983: Varèse Sarabande VCD 47222

  1. Wayang Kulit
  2. Poverty and Misery
  3. The Death of a Child
  4. Kwan
  5. Enchantment at Tugu
  6. Djakarta
  7. What Can We Do?
  8. Kwan’s Sacrifice

If, like me, you bought this soundtrack hoping to hear that gorgeous theme music that accompanies some of the intense romantic scenes in the film and were livid to find it wasn’t included, that’s because that particular theme isn’t by Maurice Jarre. It’s the first half or so of a piece called “L’Enfant” by Vangelis (featured on his Opera Sauvage album). Once you get past that irritation, this is really an evocative soundtrack.