Time Capsule (Songs for a Future Generation)

The B-52’s

1998: Reprise 9 46920-2

  1. Planet Claire
  2. 52 Girls
  3. Rock Lobster
  4. Party Out of Bounds
  5. Strobelight
  6. Private Idaho
  7. Quiche Lorraine
  8. Mesopotamia
  9. Song for a Future Generation
  10. Summer of Love [original unreleased mix]
  11. Channel Z
  12. Deadbeat Club
  13. Love Shack
  14. Roam
  15. Good Stuff
  16. Is That You Mo-Dean?
  17. Debbie
  18. Hallucinating Pluto

Leaving aside the issue of song selection and order, the point of having this CD is entirely focused on the last two tracks (although the “original unreleased mix” of “Summer of Love” deserves note). “Debbie” is definitely the prize-winning gem: fiercely tight and yet dramatic in structure, this is a beautiful logical successor to Cosmic Thing, as though Good Stuff never happened, as it brings Cindy back into play and continues the “have FUN!” theme with just a touch more firepower. “Hallucinating Pluto” doesn’t match it but at least makes for a viable thematic bit of B’s stuff.

“Debbie” is greatly enhanced for appreciation purposes by its video on the accompanying “Time Capsule” there, it’s not just a fun song, it’s also a playful stage to show off each of the four bandmates as individuals integral to the group. And again I must say that Keith Strickland certainly blossomed into a gorgeous babe, didn’t he?